From Zeba Blay, Senior Culture Writer at HuffPost. 1. SAM: Dear white people, here’s a little tip: When you ask someone who looks ethnically different ‘what are you?’ the answer is usually a person about to slap the shit out of you.” (Ep. 1)
2. JOELLE: You’re not Rashida Jones biracial, you’re Tracee Ellis Ross biracial ― people think of you as black! (Ep. 1)
3. NARRATOR: Ah, the racially insensitive party. A mainstay of primarily white institutions since time immemorial. A chance for the white majority to celebrate marginalized communities by reinforcing the very stereotypes that oppress them. (Ep. 2)
4. SAM: I like my men like I like my coffee ― full-bodied and preferably with Kenyan origins. (Ep. 4)
5. COCO: Dear white people, having a black vibrator does not count as an interracial relationship. (Ep. 4)
6. SAM: Equal? You could only vote if you owned land and didn’t have a vagina. (Ep. 5)
7. JOELLE: Sometimes being carefree and black is an act of revolution. (Ep. 5)
8. REGGIE: I plan on marrying me a dark-skinned sister; have the ashiest black babies possible. (Ep. 5)
9. SAM:  Dear white people, our skin color is not a weapon. You don’t have to be afraid of it.  (Ep. 6)
10. COCO: As soon as you double down on your blackness, they will double down on their bullshit... Who cares if you’re woke or not if you’re dead? (Ep. 6)
11. REGGIE: Gun in my face, your hate misplaced, light-skin, white skin but for me not the right skin. (Ep. 6)
12. REGGIE: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For some of us maybe. There’s nothing self-evident about it. (Ep. 6)
13. SAM: The whole movement is about pain. That’s why we’re out in these streets. (Ep. 6)
14. SAM: We’re going to bring together every marginalized group on this campus and demand a protest! (Ep. 7)
15. Joelle: I like him black, actually black as hell and unapologetic about it. (Ep. 7)
16. NARRATOR: If only the real world had a block button. (Ep. 8)
17. TROY: So you didn’t have a man around to show you what’s what?
      LIONEL: Yup. Which is why I chose to be gay… kidding. That’s not how it works. (Ep. 8)
18. NEIKA: You’re here to show that not all black students want to burn this place down. You’re props. (Ep. 9)
19. SAM: Troy’s got you drinking his Kool-Aid… or his daddy’s Kool-Aid. But guess what? I ain’t thirsty, girl. (Ep. 9)
20. COCO: I’m smarter than you. I’m more ambitious than you. Thirty years from now when I am the second black female president, all you’ll be able to do is think about me and I won’t remember your name. (Ep. 9)
21. SAM: Have you been to a Winchester townhall? They’re so regimented even Kim Jung Un’s like ‘guys, chill, let somebody talk.’ (Ep. 10)
22. SAM: So because I call it out, racism is my fault?!
23. KURT: The truth is, you like things to be fucked up so you can have a machine to rage against, Sharpton. SAM: None of this is a threat to you because you already have the power.            Kurt. Can’t you see that? (Ep. 10)
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